028 – Winds and Wings

Comic: A Farmer planning for his horses next foal. This week we continue our nymph induced tangent as we look at the Winds and their disturbing fascination with horses, A rather kick-ass weather vane, The varying options of Aeolus, The Harpies who have a legit job, and The Sirens who have a rather tragic backstory. … Read more028 – Winds and Wings

023 – Insert Theater Pun Here

Comic: A Representation of a bust that is theoretically Euripides. Today we are tackling Euripides and Theater also that philosophy will get you killed.  We spend a bit of time tracking down how we got the Euripides we have and discussing the changes he brought to theater and myths. Featuring The Introduction of Drama, Athenian … Read more023 – Insert Theater Pun Here

014 – Attack of the Cow Woman

Comic: Io as a Calf (I couldn’t come up with anything better) Io is our topic for today, our first totally encapsulated myth.  A friendly warning to all those who love ancient Egyptian myth out there, get ready to get irritated. Featuring the Introduction of: Io, Inachos, Argos, Egypt, Pharaoh, Danaus of Argos, Epahos, Isis, … Read more014 – Attack of the Cow Woman

012 – Oh The Humanity!

Comic: Prometheus acquires fire The Humans are coming! We discuss the two main stories of how humans came to be, one that seems to be mostly a “going to hell in a hand basket” rant and the other which ends with Prometheus making friends with an eagle. Featuring The Introduction of Deucalion, The Isle Of … Read more012 – Oh The Humanity!

007 – Why Everything Should Be Laminated

Comic: a Laminator doing it’s thing and protecting civilization. A more scholarly episode where we discuss sources, follow two different text chains and have a fun thought experiment Featuring the Introduction of the concepts: Manuscript Tradition, Hierarchy of Sources, Athenian Playwrights, Euripides, Aristophanes, The Frogs, Aeschylus, Egyptian Papyrus keeping, Palimpsests, Archimedes, Missing Epics, Titanmachia, Hesiod … Read more007 – Why Everything Should Be Laminated