023 – Insert Theater Pun Here

Comic: A Representation of a bust that is theoretically Euripides. Today we are tackling Euripides and Theater also that philosophy will get you killed.  We spend a bit of time tracking down how we got the Euripides we have and discussing the changes he brought to theater and myths. Featuring The Introduction of Drama, Athenian … Read more023 – Insert Theater Pun Here

007 – Why Everything Should Be Laminated

Comic: a Laminator doing it’s thing and protecting civilization. A more scholarly episode where we discuss sources, follow two different text chains and have a fun thought experiment Featuring the Introduction of the concepts: Manuscript Tradition, Hierarchy of Sources, Athenian Playwrights, Euripides, Aristophanes, The Frogs, Aeschylus, Egyptian Papyrus keeping, Palimpsests, Archimedes, Missing Epics, Titanmachia, Hesiod … Read more007 – Why Everything Should Be Laminated