057.5 – Extra Credit 010 – Really Y’all? Pt 3 – In Hook

A short and snarky history of the Ptolemaic dynasty, Covering The Rest of the Royal Line, Ptolemy IX Soter II, Ptolemy X Alexander I, Cleopatra Berenice III Thea Philopator, Ptolemy XI Alexander II, Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysus, Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator, Ptolemy XIII, Arsione IV, and Ptolemy XIV.

076 – The Hunting of The Boar

The Boar Hunt is here! and not as well sourced or as intensive as I had hoped. Featuring the Death Of Anceaus, a random Eurytion, and Meleager Featuring the Introduction of Oeneus of Caldon, The Sons of Thetius and Althaea Reasons we are explicit: Death Cursing, Rage Killing, General Achilles Like Behavior, Girls, and our … Read more076 – The Hunting of The Boar

075 – Bits and Bobs – The Continuing Saga of Minos Family and That other guy

Auto-Cannibalism, Blasphemy, Shape-Shifting and Slave trading are all on the menu today and that is just the first story! We cover three stories, one on Erysichthon who pissed off Demeter and apparently had a shape shifting daughter, The story of Glaucus which is really the story of a poor seer named Polyidus who gets far more … Read more075 – Bits and Bobs – The Continuing Saga of Minos Family and That other guy

State Of Podcast 2017

It is August! which means it is State Of The Podcast Time! Where I catch you up on my end of the Podcast and what is going on with me. Feel free to skip if you like and if this is your first episode please go listen to Musing On Muses Instead.  Though I did … Read moreState Of Podcast 2017

074 – Musing On Muses

We Take a second and highlight the Muses in Myth. Though their myths tend towards one specific story, It is pretty interesting what everyone has to say about them so I thought I would share. 

Delay Notice

Been  Rough week.  Adjusting to new meds and lost a ferret. Will be back in two weeks with Orpheus, Linus and The Muses. 

072 – Of Timing And Stars

We cover Orion today! His blinding and somehow or another usual death by Artemis’s hand and a bit about how upset I was to find that he too falls into the Sex Offender Category  

071 – Nobody Likes The Undead

We are talking about the great healer of Greek Myth. Who might have been a Lich, Aesculapius! famous for raising the dead, in apparently a larger amount than I remembered and was smote for doing so. Sometimes.  

070 – The Theoretical Death of Theseus

We finish up Theseus today! Covering Peirthous Bad Idea, Theseus kidnapping Helen as a child and his ignoble death by the hands of some guy. Unless he never came out of the underworld. 

069 – Theseus Knows Some Interesting People

In which we cover the uprising against Theseus, the random going out of his way to irate the amazons, the story of Phaedra and Hippolytus, and touch on another divine sex change story.   Correction it is at the 4 dollar sub level not 5  

068 – A Surprisingly Persistent Crown

Theseus takes a small vacation in Crete, Defeats the Labyrinth with whatever Ariadne happened to have in her pocket and we follow the consequences of his actions up to the death of Minos. 

067 – Bye Medea!

Theseus gets to Athens, meets a nice little ol’ lady, captures and kills a rampaging bull, almost get poisoned and Volunteers for Tribute. Medea leaves our mythological stage in a fit of pique and sometimes rescues her father on the way out. Plus the poor neglected Medus.  I get a bit excitable with Theseus proclamations … Read more067 – Bye Medea!


As mentioned on Twitter earlier this week, I have news! I think Happy News that I want to share with everyone. 

066 – Your Money Or My Life

We kick off the official start of Theseus story as he wanders along the coast killing a bunch of bandits thru… well mostly brute strength.  We cover 5 bandits who all have an interesting gimmick, two of which involve monsters who love them Lake Placid style. Reasons we are explicit: So Much Murder All Around, … Read more066 – Your Money Or My Life

065 – Not The Guy From The Hunger Games

A surprise academic episode! It turns out, to my surprise, that Plutarch is a necessary source of the frame work for  story of Theseus. So this week we are looking at Plutarch and his life work “Parallel Lives”.

063 – From Queen To Outcast

As we wrap up the discusion on Medea and Jason we talk about Child Murder.  A lot. We discuss the options of Jason’s death and I finally explain why I hate this guy so hard.  Also this episode as a snippet from Extra Credit 11 about the orginal audience of The Medea. Reasons we are … Read more063 – From Queen To Outcast

062 – It Is All In The Seasoning

Medea introduces the daughter of Pelias to a Stew Recipe and Pelias gets his comeuppance for something or another.  Aeson and his family dies… Sometimes. Acastus gets the throne of Ioclus and kicks our couple the hell out of his country.  As a bonus we get to hear a bit of Medea Awesomeness that is … Read more062 – It Is All In The Seasoning

061 – Someone Read The Odyssey

We are covering the Voyage of the Argo from when they leave Circe’s Island to the defeat of Talos, mostly following Apollonius as he is still the closest to a canonical source for the material for all this sequence of events are based more on The Odyssey than any previous variations of the Argo’s Journey.  … Read more061 – Someone Read The Odyssey

060 – Born To Die

We are on the return trip of the Argo, but there are options as to how that trip goes. We discuss the death of Absyrtus who was added into Mythology just to die horribly and have his corpse desecrated and meet Circe. Reasons we are explicit: Child Murder, Corpse Desecration, Geography Expansion Packs, Options, A … Read more060 – Born To Die

059 – Keep Dreaming

Jason meets Aeetes, the beloved son of Helios and Medea the Beloved daughter of Aeetes. He starts off on the wrong foot but everything is made better by godly intervention and he pulls off some admittedly spectacular stuff.  Then sneaks off in the middle of night. Reasons we are Explict: King Sex, Revoking Of Free … Read more059 – Keep Dreaming

057 – Sexy Times

Back to earning our Explicit tag with Sex, Murder and a possible case of Humanitarianism, cause it isn’t cannibalism if your not human to begin with. We follow the first leg of the journey of the Argo to Lemnos where the sex happens, then to Cyzicus where a guy ends up killed for a really … Read more057 – Sexy Times

056 – Party Balance

This week we tackle the list of Argonauts thru the three surviving lists we have.  It’s a lot of names, some really interesting asides and up until Apollonius goes nuts on us a solid party of adventures.  Final Total: 5 Sailors, 2 Seers, 3 Rouges, 1 Bard, 1 Healer, 1 Berserker and 5 counts of … Read more056 – Party Balance

Halloween Bonus – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Lucian

For All Hallow’s Eve I thought I would share the original version of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice with you all.  It comes from The Lover of Lies by Lucian. Where the whole story is a group of guys telling ghost and monster stories to each other at a tavern while bored.

Donation Drive

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054.5 – A Reading From The Argonautica

A small section from the Argonautica of Medea’s Brother being killed by Jason in the same fashion in which one would slaughter an animal and Jason making Medea implicit in his crime.

054 – The Epic That Got Better

We cover Apollonius of Rhodes, get a bit of background on the hellenistic period and cover the work The Argonautica so that we can leave all this academics behind us and dive into the story of Jason. Virgil gets a shout out.

053 – Cults!

We get to one of the fruits of that delay! We are looking at Hero Cults and how they work. which segues nicely into why everything in our podcast thus far IS myth. Reasons we are explicit: Theology, Mycenaean Death Cults, Cheese Sauce, A Random Guy Named Fred

012 – Oh The Humanity!

The Humans are coming! We discuss the two main stories of how humans came to be, one that seems to be mostly a “going to hell in a handbasket” rant and the other which ends with Prometheus making friends with an eagle.

040 – Dissenting Opinion

Pindar is out focus this week as we discuss his life, how Odes work and focus on why even if I wanted too, I can’t dismiss his contributions to Mythology

052 – Herculean Commentary

This week we go all Doylest as I go over interesting things from the sources and the development of the story of the labors and how our concept of Herakles can find root in the comedies and dramas of classical greece. Reasons we are explicit: None really

041 – His Macculate Conception

The Start of Herakles. We will be going over Alcmenes’ entire family being slaughtered, the invention of the Lysistrata Gambit, and a cameo by our friend Tiresias. Reasons we are Explicit: Zeus In A Lab Coat, Soreness, Lysistrata Gambit, and Killing with Sticks. References: Episode 39 (Sthenelus)    

039 – Third Times a Charm

The last curse on our Thrice damned Atreides happens, for better reasons than the others, I think. The story of Chrysippus who was either one of few happy relationships we get to hear about, or the usual rape, kidnap stuff. And the discussion of whether or not Agamemnon is Atreus or Pleisthenes son. If Pleisthenes … Read more039 – Third Times a Charm

038 – Oh Yeah, You Guys Exist!

The Theban line of kings is out topic for today, with a bit of an aside into one of the more icky myths. We will be covering the line of succession from Polydorus to Amphion and talking about the story of Procne and Philomela. Reasons we are Explicit: Rape and Mutilation, Child Stew, More Run … Read more038 – Oh Yeah, You Guys Exist!

036 – Stone, Horses and Propaganda

Pelops and Niobe are up for discussion today! We will be going over their brother who existed, How Pelops became king of Elis and Niobe’s fateful offhanded comment. Reasons we are Explicit: Where to start? Sweet Poseidon Loving, Decorative Skulls, Several Fairly Ugly Murders, Artemis Attempting to Out Athena Athena and Random Stoning All Over … Read more036 – Stone, Horses and Propaganda

035 – Vultures Are Gossips

Melampus was a well known and respected greek hero we really don’t know that much about. This week’s shorter episode dives into all the variations on how he ended up becoming a famous prophet and winning a third of a kingdom. Reasons we are explicit – Herpetology, Impersonations, Someone taking the Highlander too seriously, and … Read more035 – Vultures Are Gossips

033 – Fetch Quest pt 3 – Loot

We are wrapping up Perseus! He gets home, gets bored and founds the base for an entire civilization.  And somewhere in there proves he is kind of a good guy around the edges. Reasons we are Explicit – Actual History and Personal Opinions, I guess a couple of murders as well.

031 – Fetch Quest pt 1

Comic: None! We are looking at Perseus, our first official demi-god. We will be covering his grandfather, who had issues even before the prophecy about his grandson, Perseus’ surreal conception, and show how insanely impersonally it was decided that Medusa must die. Featuring the Introduction of: Argos, Acrisius, Proetus, Shields, Danae, Perseus, Dictys, Polydectes, Seriphos, … Read more031 – Fetch Quest pt 1

030.5 – Bonus Lucian

Lucian was a 2nd century CE writer who wrote Satire. One of his better known pieces is Dialogue of the Gods, one of the sections deals with Ganymede being kidnapped by Zeus. Every time I even think of Ganymede I get sections of this running through my head, so I thought I would share. If you … Read more030.5 – Bonus Lucian

030 – Hubris Or Excess?

Comic: How Midas Chose His Barber. In this episode we are covering the story of Marsyas and how it can be told as either Hubris on Marsyas part or general Godly Excess depending on how you want to play it. we will also be talking about  Satyrs vs Seilenos, Apollo being a bad winner, a … Read more030 – Hubris Or Excess?

028 – Winds and Wings

Comic: A Farmer planning for his horses next foal. This week we continue our nymph induced tangent as we look at the Winds and their disturbing fascination with horses, A rather kick-ass weather vane, The varying options of Aeolus, The Harpies who have a legit job, and The Sirens who have a rather tragic backstory. … Read more028 – Winds and Wings

027 – Nymph-O-Mania

Comic: How nymphs are more commonly seen. We are looking at famous nymphs and some obscure ones. We are covering the creation of Pan Pipes, Why laurel wreaths and Pine wreaths are sacred, at least two of the many ways stupidity can get you killed, and wanton transformations. Featuring The Introduction of: Syrinx, Daphne, Echo, … Read more027 – Nymph-O-Mania

025 – Equal Opportunity Offending

Comic: Helios Excepting his title, with Selene being indignant and Eos not paying attention. We are covering Helios, Eos, and Selene this week.  Helios has a bit of kid trouble which leads to toasty humans, Eos apparently has a sex dungeon and Selene confuses unconsciousness with consent. Featuring The Introduction Of: Phaethon, Ovid, Clymene, Prote, … Read more025 – Equal Opportunity Offending

024 – Seasons? Really?

Comic: Someone Eating a Pomegranate seed. We are covering the most famous myth in Greek Mythology, the abduction of Persephone by Hades. We will be covering the two main separate versions of this story, why the fact there are two version is important and maybe alter your perception of some of the gods. Also, I … Read more024 – Seasons? Really?

023 – Insert Theater Pun Here

Comic: A Representation of a bust that is theoretically Euripides. Today we are tackling Euripides and Theater also that philosophy will get you killed.  We spend a bit of time tracking down how we got the Euripides we have and discussing the changes he brought to theater and myths. Featuring The Introduction of Drama, Athenian … Read more023 – Insert Theater Pun Here

022 – In Wine There Is Madness

Comic: Dionysus acquiring the throne from Hestia This week we cover the rise to power of our last Olympian Dionysus.  His very vague young adulthood, his seeming gift for making other people crazy and a minor discussion on Elves, Satyrs and Maenads in relation to Bad Ass Decay. Also a Theory that Dionysus committed Jihad … Read more022 – In Wine There Is Madness

021 – Kids!

Comic: Reaction of Cadmus The Awesome and Harmonia getting the news of what their kids were up to. This week we go into the children of Cadmus The Awesome, Polydorus, Autonoe, Ino and Semele. We learn about why Peeping never ends well, That Step-kids must be destroyed at all cost (for some reason) and that … Read more021 – Kids!

020 – Cadmus The Awesome and Tiresias Too!

Comic: Cadmus The Awesome acquiring dragon’s teeth. We are going over the awesomeness of Cadmus, the nigh-immortality of Tiresias and contemplating Dragons. Featuring The Introduction: Thebes, Spartoi, Polydorus, Autonoe, Ino, Semele, Agave, The Necklace of Harmonia, Literacy, Tiresias, Canes, Snake Based Gender Swapping, Narcissus, The Continuing Story Of Europa and Her Brother, The Founding of … Read more020 – Cadmus The Awesome and Tiresias Too!

019 – Stop Being Clever!

Comic: The One Surviving Danaid This week we are covering the three great punishments in Greek myth. And one that should be a great punishment, but somehow never makes the cut. Featuring The Introduction Of Ixion, Lapith, Centaurs, Philostratus, Pelops, Atredes, Corinth, Sisphyus, The Fates, Charon, Aegyptus, Amymone, Danae, and Odysseus The Stories of Ixion … Read more019 – Stop Being Clever!

018 – An Appalling Lack of Genre Savvy

Comic: Europas’ Passage to Crete A small amusing breather episode this week, detailing Zeus’s attentions towards Kallisto, Niobe and Europa. Featuring The Introduction Of: Kallisto (Of Arcadia), Niobe (of Teledike), Argus, Pelasgus, Europa, Minos, Sarpedon, Rhadamanthys, The Astronomy Fragments, Pausanias, Ehoai (Catalogue Of Women), And Asterion. The Story Of Kallisto and Arkas, Zeus Starting to … Read more018 – An Appalling Lack of Genre Savvy

016 – Bits and Bobs Round 1

Comic: Aphrodites’ Enthronement on Olympus This week we are doing a bit of mythological clean up before our next world shattering event. Those seem to pop up with surprising regularity. Covered today are Apollo and Python, the varied marriages of Aphrodite, and three first kings. Featuring the Introduction of Pythia, Eros (Not Titan), Harmonia, The … Read more016 – Bits and Bobs Round 1

015 – Mommy Issues, Pt 2

Comic: Ares Gaia has been carefully collecting her pawns and setting up the board. She has sprung a surprise war on the Olympians. In this episode we cover the three main stages of the Gigantomache. An actually serious warning, There is Rape, two depending on how you count it, and some serious Serial Killer behavior … Read more015 – Mommy Issues, Pt 2

014 – Attack of the Cow Woman

Comic: Io as a Calf (I couldn’t come up with anything better) Io is our topic for today, our first totally encapsulated myth.  A friendly warning to all those who love ancient Egyptian myth out there, get ready to get irritated. Featuring the Introduction of: Io, Inachos, Argos, Egypt, Pharaoh, Danaus of Argos, Epahos, Isis, … Read more014 – Attack of the Cow Woman

012 – Oh The Humanity!

Comic: Prometheus acquires fire The Humans are coming! We discuss the two main stories of how humans came to be, one that seems to be mostly a “going to hell in a hand basket” rant and the other which ends with Prometheus making friends with an eagle. Featuring The Introduction of Deucalion, The Isle Of … Read more012 – Oh The Humanity!

011 – Babies for Everyone!

Comic: The legit mythological scene of a teen aged Apollo chasing after an infant Hermes. Zeus gets his freak on and fathers three more kids in this episode. Apollo and Hermes get off on the wrong foot, and a bit of slightly disappointing research nets us a workable list of the primary gods going forwards. … Read more011 – Babies for Everyone!

009 – But She’s Hot!

Comic: Metis lets Zeus know of her opinion. This is a very Ish episode. There is cannibalism-ish, Rape-ish, and people with something resembling self control. Oh and a wedding. Featuring the introduction of Pan, Eilithyia, Persephone, Landon, Hesperides. The Continuing Story of Zeus and Metis.  A quick Intro to the children of Kronos, And how … Read more009 – But She’s Hot!

008 – Immortal Kombat

Comic: Kronos and Zeus facing off over the Mortal Kombat Circle. Fight! The Titanmache is upon us.  We cover the war, bits of the aftermath and Hades and Poseidon get new homes. Featuring The Introduction of The Concept of “10 Years”, Fate, Thunderbolt as Atom Bomb, Death as a thing and The dividing of the … Read more008 – Immortal Kombat

007 – Why Everything Should Be Laminated

Comic: a Laminator doing it’s thing and protecting civilization. A more scholarly episode where we discuss sources, follow two different text chains and have a fun thought experiment Featuring the Introduction of the concepts: Manuscript Tradition, Hierarchy of Sources, Athenian Playwrights, Euripides, Aristophanes, The Frogs, Aeschylus, Egyptian Papyrus keeping, Palimpsests, Archimedes, Missing Epics, Titanmachia, Hesiod … Read more007 – Why Everything Should Be Laminated

006 – Drinking With Strangers

Comic: A Passed out Kronos having his drink spiked by Zeus the last one  dealing with the run up of the titanomachy in which  Zeus gets married, there is some truly impressive vomiting, and the monsters in the basement come out to play. Featuring The Introduction Of: Amaltheia, Cornucopia, Omphalos, Hera, Demeter, Hestia, Olympians The … Read more006 – Drinking With Strangers

005 – Mommy Issues

Comic: Rhea’s Reasonable Request for an explanation. A Short Episode, where we meet the second generation Titans, experience our first but far from last round of cannibalism, and deal with the fact Gaia is still Vexed. Featuring the Introduction Of: Astraios (titan), Pallas (Titan), Perses, Hecate, Helios, Selene, Eos, Leto, Asteria, Potamoi, Oceanids, Nephelai, Metis, … Read more005 – Mommy Issues

004 – Daddy Issues

Comic: Kronos asking for advice This week we cover permanent birth control, why playing with your kids is important and the downside of having a very attractive sister. Featuring the Introduction of:  Erinyes, Alecto, Tisiphone, Megara, Hades, Orpheus, Eumenudes, Giants, Meliae, The Concept of the Races of Man, Zeus, Nymphs The Thrilling if a bit … Read more004 – Daddy Issues

003 – You Can’t Just Put Them Back!

Comic: An attempt to show exactly how crowded Gaia was. We meet Cyclopes, Hekatonkheires and Titans, learn about their early living arrangements and we learn that Ouranos has impossible standards. Featuring The Introduction Of: Cyclopes, Brontes, Steropes, Arges, Hekatonkheires, Briareos, Poisdeon, Kymopoleia, Amphitrite, Kottos, Gyes, Oceanos, Tethys, Coeus, Krios, Hyperion, Iapetus, Theia, Rhea, Themis, Mnemosyne, … Read more003 – You Can’t Just Put Them Back!

002 – Kaos and The Primordials

Comic: One of the Primordials emerging with grace from the blob of Kaos. In this short episode we create the universe, met our first round of characters, the Primordials, and hint darkly if not in fact ominously at things to come. Featuring the Introduction of: Kaos, Gaia, Tartarus, Typhon, Echhidna, Eros, Aphrodite, Erebus, Nyx, Aether,  … Read more002 – Kaos and The Primordials