015 – Mommy Issues, Pt 2

015 – Mommy Issues, Pt 2

Comic: Ares

Gaia has been carefully collecting her pawns and setting up the board. She has sprung a surprise war on the Olympians. In this episode we cover the three main stages of the Gigantomache. An actually serious warning, There is Rape, two depending on how you count it, and some serious Serial Killer behavior going on.

Featuring the Introduction and prompt Deaths of: Typhon, Eurmedon (Giant), Aloadae, Alcyoneus, Clytius, Mimas, Ephilates, Otus,

Continuing the Story Of Gaias’ pissyness otherwise known as the Gigantomache. The Defeat of the Race of Giants, The Defeat of Otus and Ephilates, The Defeat of Typhon, and Gaia’s Less than good natured giving up.

Reason We are Explicit: Gaia “Vexed”, Legit War Crimes, Rape, Edgar Suits, Prophecy and The Gods fleeing For their lives

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