064 – You Know Who Else Has Kings? Athens

A look at the Athenian Kings list, which includes a suprising, if not excessive amount of Lizard People. Plus Procis is back. We cover up until Theseus’s conception and his sometimes fathers happy third marriage. Bonus Herakles thought Jason was an ass-hat too!

Reasons we are Explicit: Lizard People, Procris, Procreating With Lizard People, A Suicide Pact, and Doublets.

Referenced (Okay this is one heck of a list):

17 – Never Date A Girl With Baggage (The Deluge, Not-A-Rape-Baby-In-A-Box))

20 – Cadmus The Awesome and Tireases Too! (Cadmus)

24 – Season? Really? (Demeter wandering about)

25 – Equal Opportunity Offending (Eos and Cephalus, Procris)

37 – Meanwhile, Back On the Island (Minos, Procris, Nisus)

38 – Oh Yeah You Guys Exist! (Labdecous, Procne and Philomela)

47 – His Scandalous Career pt 5 Dog Walker (Eumolpus)

49 – His Happy Destiny Pt 2 His Feminine Side (Iphitus)

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