061 – Someone Read The Odyssey

We are covering the Voyage of the Argo from when they leave Circe’s Island to the defeat of Talos, mostly following Apollonius as he is still the closest to a canonical source for the material for all this sequence of events are based more on The Odyssey than any previous variations of the Argo’s Journey. 

We are covering Orpheus Vs Sirens, The Planktai (and the excuse for all of this), Scylla and Charybdis, Jason and Medea’s shotgun wedding and Medea kicking a robot’s ass. 

Reasons we are explicit: Return Of The Giant Death Robot, Foreshadowing, Music Magic, Giant Squid, Curses, Libya, Fire Breathing Rocks and A Magical Clod Of Dirt


037 – Meanwhile Back On The Island

028 – Winds and Wings

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