046 – His Scandalous Career, Pt 4 – Reasons?

The Cattle of Geryones and The Apples of the Hesperides are on the docket for today.  We follow Herakles as he either threatens his way into a boat or conquered Iberia, fathers either the Scythians OR the Keltoi or maybe both, proves to be a rocking cowboy, tries to be liberated.  We also learn a bit about how the greeks thought geography worked, watch a certain amount of dickishness happen, meet two new dragons, and then there are the side quest.

It’s a pretty long episode.

Reasons we are Explicit: Sex, Murder, Cussing, Rome, Whoring, The Very Odd Greek Obsession With All Foreigners Killing Random People, Speed Boats, Geography, and General Narrative Confusion

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