032 – Fetch Quest pt 2 – The Side Quests

032 – Fetch Quest pt 2 – The Side Quests

Comic: Perseus meeting Andromeda.

We have a recap this week, which for the record is recorded exactly the way I tell myths outside of the podcast. This episode covers the death of Medusa, The rescue of Andromeda and that whole mess, and the first time we see Perseus use Medusa’s head.  There is also a book recommendation.

Featuring the Introduction of:

The Continuing story of Perseus with

Reasons we are Explicit: Nudist beaches, Neck Birth, Princess Bride References, Wanton Statuary, A Were-Boar, Angry Whales, Geography and I guess Murder via Stoning, Slicing and Straight Up Beheading of an Innocent Napping Monster.

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