030 – Hubris Or Excess?

In this episode we are covering the story of Marsyas and how it can be told as either Hubris on Marsyas part or general Godly Excess depending on how you want to play it. we will also be talking about  Satyrs vs Seilenos, Apollo being a bad winner, a really bad winner,  Athena being vain,  Ganymedes abduction, King Midas  and a unasked for peep show.

Reasons We are explicit: Skinning someone alive and a description of it to boot! Lots of drunkenness all around, Donkey Ears,  creation of Fezes, Surprise Eagles in a two separate and entirely non related ways, Intellectual Snobbery and the suggestion that at the bottom of all civilization conflicts is really just an argument over Reed or Stringed instruments.

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