027 – Nymph-O-Mania

027 – Nymph-O-Mania

Comic: How nymphs are more commonly seen.

We are looking at famous nymphs and some obscure ones. We are covering the creation of Pan Pipes, Why laurel wreaths and Pine wreaths are sacred, at least two of the many ways stupidity can get you killed, and wanton transformations.

Featuring The Introduction of: Syrinx, Daphne, Echo, Khonie, Ladon, Leukippos, Pitys, Narcissus, Longus, Daphnis and Chloe, Ameinias, Nemesis, Minthe, Oppian, Clytie, Leucthoe, Dryope, and Amphissos

The stories of The creation of the Pan flute, why laurels are sacred to Apollo, Eros being Pissy at Apollo, Echo falling in love, Then the multiple choice options for Narcissus. The Transformation of three nymphs into flowers.

Reason we are explicit, Mutilated Nymph Hats, Corpse Desecration, Way Too Much Running, Meadows, Suicide, Rape, High School Drama, Ovid and Blatant Plugging.

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