022 – In Wine There Is Madness

022 – In Wine There Is Madness

Comic: Dionysus acquiring the throne from Hestia

This week we cover the rise to power of our last Olympian Dionysus.  His very vague young adulthood, his seeming gift for making other people crazy and a minor discussion on Elves, Satyrs and Maenads in relation to Bad Ass Decay. Also a Theory that Dionysus committed Jihad before it was cool.

Featuring The Introduction Of Nysa, Wine, Greek Jihad, Lykourgos (Edonia), Pentheus, The Bacchants, Meanads, Thrysos, Satyrs, Centaurs and Minoan Crete,

The Continuing Story of Semele and Dionysus. Dionysus Idyllic Boyhood, His Prophethood, The Pirates who kidnap him. We Cover the myth that is the basis of The Play the Bacchae, His Ascension into Olympus, and The First official Sex Toy.

Reasons we are Explicit: Sex Toys, Drug Use, Rape, Murder, Mind Rape, General Mayhem and Mystery Cults

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