021 – Kids!

021 – Kids!

Comic: Reaction of Cadmus The Awesome and Harmonia getting the news of what their kids were up to.

This week we go into the children of Cadmus The Awesome, Polydorus, Autonoe, Ino and Semele. We learn about why Peeping never ends well, That Step-kids must be destroyed at all cost (for some reason) and that Zeus might, Just might, have a heart.

Featuring the Introduction Of: Aristaeus, Cyrene, Chiron, Bee Keeping, Proteus In Chains (seems Specific but happens often), Actaeon, Leucothea, Athamas, Nephele, Phrixus, Helle, Crios Chrysomallos, Melicertes, Themisto, Thyone,  Swearing by The Rive Styx, amd Colchis.

The Continuing Story Of The Line of Cadmus The Awesome, The mostly overlooked fact that two of his daughters marry gods and two become gods, The Story Of Cyrene, How Aristaeus learned to keep bees, The story of Actaeon, How the Golden Fleece got over to Colchis, Why you should never kill someone over a fashion choice, the Story of Semele

Reasons we are Explicit: Child Murder (both attempted and pulled off), Polygamy, Apotheosis, Swearing by Styx, and most disturbing of all, sympathizing with Zeus.

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