019 – Stop Being Clever!

019 – Stop Being Clever!

Comic: The One Surviving Danaid

This week we are covering the three great punishments in Greek myth. And one that should be a great punishment, but somehow never makes the cut.

Featuring The Introduction Of Ixion, Lapith, Centaurs, Philostratus, Pelops, Atredes, Corinth, Sisphyus, The Fates, Charon, Aegyptus, Amymone, Danae, and Odysseus

The Stories of Ixion who Murders his Father-In-Law which was totally fine and then proceeded to lie about a one night stand which was not.  Tantalus who mildly miscalculated in his earnest attempt to appease the gods.  Sisyphus who Paid Attention and got nothing but trouble for it. And The Danaids who followed orders and got the short end of the stick for it.

The Reasons for Explicit: Godly NDAs, Rape, Cloud Babies, Nasty Murders, Human Sacrifice, Cannibalism, Chaining Death To A Post, Ares Being Useful, Dishonorable Burial Practices, and Cleverness.

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