018 – An Appalling Lack of Genre Savvy

018 – An Appalling Lack of Genre Savvy

Comic: Europas’ Passage to Crete

A small amusing breather episode this week, detailing Zeus’s attentions towards Kallisto, Niobe and Europa.

Featuring The Introduction Of: Kallisto (Of Arcadia), Niobe (of Teledike), Argus, Pelasgus, Europa, Minos, Sarpedon, Rhadamanthys, The Astronomy Fragments, Pausanias, Ehoai (Catalogue Of Women), And Asterion.

The Story Of Kallisto and Arkas, Zeus Starting to Sex up Mortal Women as Well as Nymphs, And the Kidnapping of Europa.

Reasons we are explicit: Sex, Plato, Sex, Thrace, Lesbian Sex in theory, cuckolding and the valiant hunt for a word for Zeus’s interest in women that isn’t just calling him a rapist every time.

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