017 – Never Date A Girl With Baggage

017 – Never Date A Girl With Baggage

Comic: A Gift From The Gods

This week we are looking at Pandora and The Great Deluge or Deucalion’s flood. There is discussion on the two very different ways the Pandora story can be told and a mention of slavery (more in the Greek sense).

Featuring the Introduction of Utnapishtim, Gilgamesh, Pyrrha, Thessaly, Dardanos, Kerambos, Megaros, Arkas, Nyktimos, Parnassos, Erichthonius (Baby In A Box), Erasmus Of Rotterdam, Eve

The Story of Zeus Retaliation on the Sons of Iapetus, Zeus’ Irritation at Humans for Existing, The Flood that apparently had many survivors and Athena’s The Baby In A Box.

Reasons we  are Explicit: Mild Profanity, Attempted Rape, Bodily Fluids, Theoretical Corpse Desecration, Nietzsche and Rampant Philosophy.

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  1. I just found your website and listened to Never Date A Girl With Baggage. I love Greek mythology and I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. Greek mythology is my hobby and I’ll certainly be back to visit to hear more of your tellings.
    Best wishes,

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