011 – Babies for Everyone!

011 – Babies for Everyone!

Comic: The legit mythological scene of a teen aged Apollo chasing after an infant Hermes.

Zeus gets his freak on and fathers three more kids in this episode. Apollo and Hermes get off on the wrong foot, and a bit of slightly disappointing research nets us a workable list of the primary gods going forwards.

Featuring The Introduction Of: Python, Delphi, Delos, Pleiades, Mt. Cyllene, Sacrificing To The Gods, The Lyre, The Caduceus, Cadmus The Awesome, Herakles, Aesculapius, And Alpheus

The Continuing Story Of Zeus getting around, The Birth of Apollo and Artemis, The Birth of Hermes, Apollo and Hermes irritating each other as only brothers can.

Reasons We are Explicit: Lack Of Napping, Dragons, Long Labor, Bribery, and Infant Shenanigans


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