007 – Why Everything Should Be Laminated

007 – Why Everything Should Be Laminated

Comic: a Laminator doing it’s thing and protecting civilization.

A more scholarly episode where we discuss sources, follow two different text chains and have a fun thought experiment

Featuring the Introduction of the concepts: Manuscript Tradition, Hierarchy of Sources, Athenian Playwrights, Euripides, Aristophanes, The Frogs, Aeschylus, Egyptian Papyrus keeping, Palimpsests, Archimedes, Missing Epics, Titanmachia, Hesiod being wrong, Apollodorus of Athens, The Argonautica, Apollodorus of Rhodes, Psudeo-Apollodous, Photius The Pretty Cool, and The Infamous Twilight Metaphor (Hey Man, I am still really proud of that one)

Reasons We are Explicit: The Arbitrariness of History, Far too Many Greek Names, Lazy Librarians, The Infamous Twilight Metaphor.

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