006 – Drinking With Strangers

006 – Drinking With Strangers

Comic: A Passed out Kronos having his drink spiked by Zeus

the last one  dealing with the run up of the titanomachy in which  Zeus gets married, there is some truly impressive vomiting, and the monsters in the basement come out to play.

Featuring The Introduction Of: Amaltheia, Cornucopia, Omphalos, Hera, Demeter, Hestia, Olympians

The Continuing Story Of Kronos and Rhea with Gaia’s Grumping, The Story of Zeus and Metis, The story of Zeus attempting to drink Kronos under the table, Zeus manages to un Vex Gaia for a hot minute and Zeus Gets Presents.

Reasons we are Explicit: Unnecessary Goat Killing, Volcanic Spewing, Gaia Plotting and Cleverness

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