004 – Daddy Issues

004 – Daddy Issues

Comic: Kronos asking for advice

This week we cover permanent birth control, why playing with your kids is important and the downside of having a very attractive sister.

Featuring the Introduction of:  Erinyes, Alecto, Tisiphone, Megara, Hades, Orpheus, Eumenudes, Giants, Meliae, The Concept of the Races of Man, Zeus, Nymphs

The Thrilling if a bit messy conclusion of Gaia and Ouranos. How the Titans got that name. A nice sidetrack on unknown side effects of castration, otherwise known as the birth of Aphrodite.  The Start of the Story of Kronos and Rhea.

Reasons we are Explicit: Castration, Fertile Earthing, Metamorphosing Penises, Plato, Gaia “Vexed”, The Greater-Than-Child, Prophecy, Sickles.

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