Let’s Read – The Lightning Thief – Chapter Oh Gods Why? I mean 11

Okay, points for the opening line of this chapter. “In a way it’s nice to know there are Greek Gods out there, because you have someone to blame when things go wrong.” I feel this is a wonderful encapsulation of Greek Religion. Unfortunately the book quickly returns to form with Grover in shock and braying for some reason which isn’t a thing goats can do, I don’t think, and if they can Grover still isn’t a goat.

Annabeth is pissed and keeps them going forward and snaps at Percy for endangering himself because he is obviously the Hero and they are just as obviously The Side Kicks. She ends up thanks him for not abandoning them eventually. Though I would have been rather focused on the STAB THEM IN THE BACK WHEN YOUR FUCKING INVISIBLE!!! And honestly is surprised this supposed master strategist didn’t take the time to drill into Percys head that was an acceptable Nay, Preferable option.

She then states this is her only chance to see the real world as she is bound to the camp for some ungodly reason. Hey, stupid question, Annabeth isn’t the only child of Athena there… which begs the question of timing, but beyond that, how well does she get along with her siblings? For some reason this just struck me as important to know.

Then they stumble into a curio shop in the middle of a forest. Oh This will end well.

Annabeth and Percy start talking about snack bar and Grover objects cause this place is weird. For once I recommend listening to the goat.  Grover announced he smelled monsters but they don’t listen to him mostly because he is also freaked out by the gnomes and useless in general so why would they.

Aunty Em, a middle eastern woman in full burkha answers the door and greats them, shuffling them into the kitchen to make them some food. Aunty Em locked the door behind them.



*sing-song voice*

They are gonna get eaten

They are gonna get eaten


She said she didn’t need money and knew Annabeth’s name….


Oh yeah.



I should mention the Wearhouse is full of statues that seem to watch them and damn it this is medusa isn’t it? See Rant about Argos and having it both ways. Grover, again being possessed by something far more competent than himself, asks about subtle the hissing noise.

Aunty Em talks about once upon a time she had two sisters helping her, but they passed on. Hold up HOW!?! THEY were immortal she was the only mortal one of the lot. Gah! There was a whole THING about that. And she makes it sound like they faded away due to lack of…. Something from the mortals… NO! you can’t have it both way! You can’t have the gods have all their usual allotments of powers and then also have the whole the gods and monsters are powerless because no one believes in them nonsense. It SHOULD be the sisters are there and Medusa is not but they have her head in a shrine? Yeah that would totally work.

Annabeth is somehow clued in by the two sisters thing but not the hissing thing (or to be fair she just might not ever listen to a thing Grover says). She urges Percy to go, but Percy is sleepy and for some ungodly reason in charge. Aunty Em asks them for a Photo and Percy agrees to stand for one. At the same moment Grover releases one of the statues that he has been complaining about looking like his uncle IS his uncle (Grover has been non stop complaining this entire time) and Annabeth beats it into Percy’s head that they are in danger.

Annabeth saves the day and Percy is too human to really be of any use and under Medusa’s spell anyway. He sees her reflection in a mirror and freaks out. And asks himself how did medusa die in myth. For Fuck Sake! he never saw clash of the titans? The original I mean. That is damn near child abuse! To grow up without desperately wanting a Bobo Owl.  And, because I am never ever gonna let this go HE TOOK A LATIN CLASS NOT A MYTHOLOGY COURSE!

Medusa tries to seduce him into staying with her which is really odd to me as it plays like an attempt at actual seduction. Maybe he looks like his dad? Though she does make a solid point about being a pawn and that being a statue would be less pain.

Grover gets the flying shoes working which finally breaks the spell as Percy has a self preservation sense (this is a new development) and realizes Grover has just as much a chance of hitting him as Medusa with the tree branch. Grover than begins whomping on Medusa in an admittedly badass kinda way. Though this is under cut by the sheer slapstick of Grover being competent.

I don’t think Our Dear Author likes Grover.

Annabeth tracks down the hiding Percy and tells him he has to be the one to kill Medusa. To which he says no way lets run and She points out how dangerous Medusa is and how she will keep turning people to stone as that is what she does. She is evil.



*tired sigh*

No. No she is not evil.

She is a victim kinda all the way around.

Evil isn’t a thing in the Greek mindset.

I just….



Anyway Annabeth grabs a gazing ball to view medusa thru and starts talking to Percy about distortion and to be careful. To which Percy pulls out his stupid card and tells her to speak English. I hate him. Annabeth can’t do it because stupid reasons of Medusa know she is close.

He gets into position at the same time Grovers luck runs out and he gets thacked into a wall by Medusa. She turns her attention on to Percy and again starts talking about how he wouldn’t hurt a little old lady and hypnotsises him a bit again.  All the tention in this fight goes out as Percy just swishes his sword and magically chops off her head.

Her head stays there. Annabeth comes and grabs the head in a veil and it is dripping green juice. Oh Oh Scorpions? Giant Scorpions? I feel the need to go rewatch the clash of the titans (orginal)

Annabeth says the head is the same as the minotaur horn, a trophy. But it can still petrify you. Okay so Percy knows she is Medusa but NOT that her head still can turn things to stone? Then what did he think Medusa did? I am genuinely curious on this one.

Grover climbs down from the stone grizzly he was thumped against. Heh, now would be a GREAT time to have everything start un-stoning. They grocery bag up the head. And then set on the table and start to relax. Percy has to work in MORE stupid and says that Athena is to thank for Medusa? To which Annabeth snaps no, his Dad is! Then the two start sniping at each other in the they are going to end up married by the end of this stupid series kinda way and Grover tells them to shut up and asks what are they gonna do with the head.

Percy gets an idea and goes and checks out Medusas’ books. Of Course she is tied to Hades! Of fucking Course! This gives him the address for Hades he needs. And it is DOA Studios. Which seems a bit on the nose to me. He then gets the head packaged up and sends it to Olympus. Cause he is a douche.

Annabeth lets it go as he is bound and determined to be a douche she doesn’t feel like arguing with him. The chapter ends with her declaring they need a plan.

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  1. Yeah this story is pretty… let’s say iffy. Big fan of your podcast which I discovered literally yesterday at work (driver, so having something to listen to for 8 hours is fantastic). Love mythology and your rationale in the first episode for making the podcast is *exactly* what I always found missing in reading stories based on myth, like this. So thank you! I can’t wait till you reach other mythologies.

    Now about this, I read the first and second books and didn’t continue because they seemed blahh to me, and poorly written. One of my closest friends started reading them and loves them so I’m hearing about it from him all the time. He has dyslexia and his best friend had ADHD growing up, so he thinks a lot of whats going on is interesting. I agree with your comment about the way they portray medicines being bad (reminds me of the Forest of the Night episode of Doctor Who) but for many the books still give them a form of escapism from their issues that they cherish, which is why a lot of kids love these books I think. Idk, it doesn’t work for me, but I will say there are things that are bothering you now that, if I remember correctly, will be addressed. A couple things. I think. Still blah books.

    Now, much better IMO is Avatars Series by Tui T. Sutherland. Trilogy, and one of my favorites. I read it in the same year I read American Gods and both became favorites, so that’s saying something. It’s with teen characters again, but much better written and much better mythically than these. There *are* still some issues, like Artemis being called a moon goddess, but belief is fully a thing gods rely on in this universe so I give that a pass due to Roman influence, which is also acknowledged. I don’t want to spoil much, but it explains a LOT of the inconsistencies you would expect to be handwaved away, and is a great story to boot. Also its general mythology, not JUST Greek, which I also loved in my slightly anti-eurocentric but still loving greek myth kinda way. I would love if you considered a Let’s Read of that series, book one is called *Avatars: So This is How it Ends* and is very mysterious, not many gods in it to begin with. Please consider it, as it’ll give you a lot fewer aneurysms than Percy Jackson.

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