Let’s Read – The Red Pyramid – Chapter 12

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Oh that’s just gross!  Whoa now with the half human, half scorpion description!  Totally awesome monster, but still gross, and I’m not squeamish.  Is that really necessary?  Bast didn’t have cat pupils, fangs, or pointy ears.  She didn’t even have a tail!  The good gods are soft and fluffy and the bad gods are prickly and scary – easy to remember and a good way to confuse impressionable youngsters.  Serqet (or Selket is the way I know it and say it) is a much revered and powerful protectress of the people of Egypt, healing stings from scorpions, not inflicting them.  Or maybe that’s just the way she chooses to appear when she’s going to battle and trying to kidnap kids. 

It dawns on me that Sadie’s morality is rather basic and very powerful.  She is absolutely drawn to protect the protector even having no way to do so.  She wanted to help the animals back at the mansion against those serpopards, she wanted to fight Serqet to help Bast and now she was about to risk her own life to help Zia against Serqet.  Run for your life, silly girl! is just not a thing that she can do. 

Did the host die because Serqet took over or did she die because she was ripped out of her?  Maybe she was already dead when Serqet took her?  Probably not.  I have the feeling that a host has to have a special something to be suitable, just a hunch mind you.  The probability of having an extremely fresh corpse with the right requirements just that the moment you need it is some staggering odds (just ask anyone waiting for an organ transplant!) I guess the question is who killed the lady. It sort of reads that the death is an unfortunate but not unforeseen consequence of releasing the host, so dead either way because Serqet was going to have to give it up eventually? Is death on the god here? It matters because it sheds a certain light on either character one way or the other. Is the Cult of Thoth ready, willing, and able to kill innocent humans to stop gods?  Do they care?  Are the humans disposable to the gods? Do they take them by force or does the human choose?  Does the human get a Get Around the Scales Free pass for their loyal sacrifice?  You can judge a true person by the way they treat beings they define as lesser than themselves.  I get hung up on these sort of morality questions.  Sorry, moving on!

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