Let’s Read – The Red Pyramid – Chapter 11

By .H

Tally: Me – $13, Book -$2


That’s it for Bast? Really?  It can’t be!  Isn’t it a little early to start killing characters off?  Oh Bast, thy name is Plot Device!  Couldn’t we just maybe have a longer exposition from Amos with a tour around the library then the three of them just go the next place for more exposition.  We cannot.  It fits with the pacing of the book: a whole lot of exploding and running for your life goes down in the least amount of time allowed by literary law. This will only help to solidify Sadie’s liking for Bast – first as precious kitty, second as faithful protectress, and third as sacrificial heroine.  Oh well…I guess there is no accounting for the strength/badassery of goddesses going head on. 


Now that’s more like Egyptian magic!  Still overly simplistic and showy, but hey there’s some timing involved in this bit.  The circle and the four directions is more ritual than magic.  There is a vast distinction, but that’s not the point right now.  If it keeps coming up (and I have a feeling that it will) I will go on a length diatribe about the distinction between magic and ritual. 


So the Cult of Thoth does give a half of a damn about the children, enough to protect they at least until proven guilty or to keep them out of the hands of the gods who could use them for their own devices.

I’m looking forward to this showdown!  Pop the popcorn and let’s get it on!

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