Let’s Read – The Lightning Thief – Chapter 10, Pt 1

We start off with Percy noting he doesn’t own much and decides to leave behind his minotaur horn which I think is a bad call. It is a pretty awesome artifact to keep upon your person and I am reasonably sure the Minotaur isn’t going to regenerate from it. Reasonably.

The camp store gives him a 100 dollars cash and 20 gold coins the size of cookies, one of which could be sold for a metric fuckton more money. They are for “Non-mortal” transactions which Percy blows off as whatever that means. Damn it Percy, ask questions! Though to be fair that hasn’t really worked for you to well thus far. Hmmm.  I would also like to point out that 100 dollars in cash ain’t gonna get you far. Like the bus ticket costs more than that and just think of all the snacks three twelve year olds can devour.

Speaking of devouring, it turns out They have an emergency supply of nectar and Ambrosia for almost dead times, as it can heal anything but “an overdoes would burn us up, literally” Now that is interesting when combined with the idea of burning out mortality you get several places in myth and probably good I don’t live in this story as my first reaction is to experiment.

Annabeth’s cap was a gift from her mommy at 12 and oh! Look! She is reading Pauasnias! Who else would be writing in Greek about classical architecture? Good going Annabeth. But let’s get back to that cap. That is Hades gig. Athena has a helm of clear sight and surviving head blows but not invisibility.  I am hoping that this gets addressed but I am almost willing to put money on the idea that it doesn’t

Grover is brining scrap metal and apples and hang on. Goats WILL eat scrap metal but it isn’t like a favorite thing, I think Our Dear Author has never met a goat. Not that I have anything against goats. Goats are cool, and goat cheese is amazing.  I did like the joke about the reed pipe though.

Argos is there to drive them to bus station (see rant on Argos)  and Luke runs up to give Percy his magic sneakers of Hermes awesome in case he needs them. Luke then gives Annabeth a hug for luck and she is CLEARLY crushing on him in a hard way. To which Percy starts picking on her because that is just who he is a bit thick and a bit of a jerk.

Percy gives the magic shoes to Grover as Percy and air aren’t getting along at the moment, which yeah! He was paying attention to something atleast in passing! Grover tries them out and promptly falls over while Chiron yells “practice!” at him.  Have I mentioned I think Chiron is useless? Also one of my friends pointed out that Our Dear Author tends to write sight gags and I am pretty sure this is an example of that.

Chiron bemoans not being able to train Percy more, but then again he hasn’t done any training thus far that I have seen. He then gives Percy the pen/sword from the first chapter saying it was a gift from his father and Chiron tells him to only use it on monsters as heroes don’t harm mortals…. Also It won’t work on them.

Really dude?

It is a sword designed to kill things from the underworld…. Which brings up allot of interesting questions. Chiron also states that mortal just aren’t important enough for the sword to bother with. Also that Percy literally can’t lose the sword. Which Makes me think of Trollhunters which is an infinitely better told story than this one and you should go watch it. One of the early episodes has The Chosen One saying Fuck This and spending the Episode trying to unchoose himself. It doesn’t work and he learns his lesson because it is a kids show, but the constant trying to get rid of the thing was great. And that episode introduced Gnome Chompski. Because it is the kind of show that makes that joke. I have to go back to talking about this book huh?


Chiron in his infinite unhelpfulness throws out this idea of the Mists. Which is the weird hiding itself from mortal eyes. Okay. I can by that as a thing, but you know MAYBE bring it up before they are packed and ready to go? Or you know describe its properties a bit? It’s going to be one of those things that never truly gets defined so Our Dear Author can use it as he pleases huh? Stupid Book.

So I have the standard scholar dictionary for translating Classical (Attic) Greek. It is by Liddell and Scott and is colloquially called The Middle Liddell. With the other being the Little Liddell and The Great Scott! The Little Liddell is for causal/beginner Translators and The Great Scott has every word in Greek we have ever found. For most scholars The Middle Liddell is pretty much all you need. I bring this up so you know when I am looking up the random ass Greek words Our Dear Author throws in you know what I am looking them up in. Anaklusmos is what the sword is called which he translates as “Riptide”. Now I am assuming Out Dear Author doesn’t know the Transliteration Rules for the Greek Alphabet because HE HAS HADES AS A FUCKING SATAN ANALOG! *Ahem* So lets look it up shall we?

So, I am not finding anything under Ana which would actually be Aea, so I look up under Ava which is Ana in english. Under Avaklu- I have:

Avaklazw – To cry aloud, Bark or Bay.

Avaklaiw – To weep aloud, Burst into tears

Avaklaw – to bend back, to break

Avaklnsis- To Invoke or Recall

Avaklyivw- To lean one thing against another

Avaklitos – A Chair with a Back

Avaklwthw- To Undo the thread of fate.

So… I am not thinking so.  According to the English to Greek word search found on Perseus Project I think the Closest he is going for is Ampwtis or Ampotis – being sucked back by the Tide. Though to be fair there is also Esperios or evening tide or even Plemmyra – Flood Tide are also good looking options as is Rachia another word for Flood Tide.

Enough of a language lesson, back to the story.

The fact that Percy might actually be DOING something finally hits, he is a bit thick after all. He mentions they won’t have any adult supervision or access to cell phones (monsters can track cell phones!?! HOW!?!)  Percy aghast with the idea of having to endure such primitive conditions as lack of Cell Phones, asks about the before times. And Chiron spends some time talking about how much Kronos sucked. He names the age of Titans the 4th age and the current age of Zeus as the 5th age. Um…. How? Even if we start counting at Primordial Chaos that makes Kronos 3rd Age and Zeus 4th.  The Age of the West. Face Palm. We already had that melt down. In what I thought was a sadly funny and very on the nose moment, Percy asks for a “you got this” and get’s a “who knows? Try not to fuck up!” from Chiron, who seriously couldn’t suck more at his job if he tried. The Camp Director who is currently visibly having to keep himself from killing all these obnoxious teenagers is doing a better job than Chiron.

They finally get into the car and Percy mentions it has been 2 weeks at Camp Half Blood and hang on there, we lost a week somewhere. *does some mental counting* nope he is wrong or we skipped a week. Kind of either or at this rate. Annabeth and Percy start sniping at each other and Percy wants to know why she hates him and her excuse is that their parents don’t get on so they shouldn’t. Hooo Boy. Um. Annabeth has Mommy Issues, and fitting in issues, let’s just say she is not the most psychological sound girl in the world? Also while we are on the subject. Why are they treating their Parents so some sort of Tribal/Sacred Animal thing? And why do they think they need to conform TO their parents? When the hell was THAT EVER a thing?

This is Chiron’s Fault isn’t it?

*squinty eye at Chiron*

Bad Centaur

It is sunset and raining when they get to the bus station and there is a lost kids poster on the mailbox for Percy which he tears off before his companions can see it for reasons? That’s not the best idea but okay.

Excuse me there is a cat on my book, just a moment while I shoo him off of it.

Hmm. He isn’t going for it.

He even doubled down!

Will have to come back to this.

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