Let’s Read – The Red Pyramid – Chapter 9

By H.

Tally: Me – $13 (Thank you, Bastet!), Book -$2

So right out the gate we see the other side of the gods vs. cult of Thoth debacle from Bast. Looks like there’s more than a little resentment on each side!  I think this might be the chapter to examine the gods.  It the first time we get to meet one after all.  Perfectly attuned to her “subjects” and attacking a wrecking ball, she seems to be more actual cat than goddess of cats, which is more like it.  This is a stumbling block for a lot of people when dealing with the Egyptian pantheon. The god is the thing in a concrete way, not lording over it.  She doesn’t just have the attributes of a cat, she is a cat. Or the cat, if you please.

Did she just say something about Set? That’s strange!  How does she know about all this, that, and whatever? Oh yes, she has been there the whole time as a kitty cat.  Sorry moving on. 

Yes, let’s summon some more gods, shall we?  Hmmm…

Let look at the developments so far: Cult of Thoth – less than helpful. Only Amos was helpful so far in saving the children from the law and I kind of get the impression that that was because they were family.  Gods – Various.  Set seems to have his own personal agenda for destruction while Bast made a promise and is following through on it with style.  Both sides only trust their own kind, both are particular distrusting of the other, and both have no use for everyday non-magical mortals.  It’s kind of difficult to say which side the children are better off with at this point.

Maybe through the situation Sadie and Carter will bring Ma’at unto the relationship between the magicians and the gods?  That sounds really hopeful and sort of plausible, right? Ok, gamble time – Sadie and Carter, by the power of wonder twins and some unique something that they have that everyone is hinting at, will heal the division between the factions, dispel the distrust, and bring forth a new era between the gods and the magicians!  Woo! Umm…$10.  And another $10 that the word, concept, or goddess Ma’at does not appear in this book in anyway.  Can’t be giving the author too much credit!

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