Let’s Read – The Red Pyramid – Chapter 8

-By H.

Tally: : Me – $8, Book -$2

Serpopards? How is that a thing we are doing?  Not a lot of strictly mythological animals in the Egyptian mythos as you might imagine.  Almost all the gods are also animals or natural occurrences, like the sun, the Nile, the desert, and so on.  It’s very difficult to find a non-god amalgamation of animal-creature in fact! 

This outright attack on the children just reads as silly to me but I’m not sure why.  It might because all the wonderful ferocious creatures protect Egypt (or the Pharaoh specifically) and are beneficial to the people and the maintenance of Ma’at.  [Do I go on about Ma’at too much? I do don’t I? Good!] Just look at the crocodile they have, Poor Philip – a humongous albino beast kept as a sort of pet.  Crocodiles are powerful magical creatures and deadly no doubt.  Same with hippos, baboons, cobras, scorpions, lions, and list goes on and on.   I really thought that those serpopards were just decorative motif. Let’s just put this down as creative license of the author.

Hooray for Bastet – in all of her weird leotard glory?  Wardrobe change please!  I cannot suffer a goddess, especially an Egyptian one, in a ponytail.  I like her so far – snarky, funny, badass warrior.  Maybe there’s hope yet! 

She does say of the serpopard, “From sand they come, and to sand they return” which is curious.  This makes me think that those particular creature were constructs in the form of serpopard and not actually the real thing, like a dirty trick of oh say the god of the destructive power of the unyielding barren desert. Yes, I’m going with that!

Oh and $5 for me from way back in Chapter 2.

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