Let’s Read – The Red Pyramid – Chapter 7

-By H.

Tally: Me – $8, Book -$2

Gods f***ing dammit, really! Sadie again.

 And guess what? There is more than just a clue as to the narrator of the chapter.  The symbol is there but under that it has the name of the child written vertically instead of horizontally!  Yes, I really did just see that 84 pages into it and 7 occurrences later.  Yes, I am humble enough to admit that I missed this most obvious detail and I feel like a total heel. Moving on. 

Ok, well now I’m starting to see the point of Sadie, for all I dislike her. She rash but not impulsive, let’s say quick to action. And subversive, terribly subversive, which now, as the plot thickens, makes sense.  The children seem to be on their own even within the magician’s order because of the illicit actions of Dr. Kane. Is Amos in the business of helping the family or the Order? Good question self. She only wants one thing just like her father (we presume): to have her mother back. What relic would she explode to get it? What unspeakable evil would she unleash for it? I guess we will see…I bet somehow along the way she will have to make a choice between her brother and her mother/parents and she will side with big brother. She must, of course, because he is here to tell the story, but if such an ultimatum is presented -by the Red Lord himself- (yes, I’m calling it all out) remains to be seen. $5. $5 says this goes down. 

I’m somewhat disappointed at the library. I wanted something grander. This is the Cult of Thoth were talking about after all!  Maybe it’s Sadie’s subpar description. Oh well. 

Yes, let’s open Dr. Kane’s mysterious bag!  Wax, yes good…a stylus…ink…balls of twine…a statue of Bastet…and a big ole roll of papyrus.  That’s a very good start of an Egyptian magic on the go kit.  Add some incense, a magical wand/blade (which admittedly he did have in there in the beginning), a magical timing calendar, a book of spells and bar-b-que pit lighter and you’re ready to go.  I mean it is just a traveling kit.  You can always pick up some pickled scorpion tails and the blood of a black dog while you’re out and about, am I right?

Moving on…have I mentioned I dislike Sadie. She equated the roll of papyrus with a roll of toilet paper probably because she is too stupid to…nope just going to leave it there.  She’s stupid.  And her juvenile treatment of the name of the Goddess Nut, for heaven’s sake. (You get it? Sky goddess – heaven’s sakes…hehe)

Hooray! A Ushabi! Now there’s some Egyptian magic!  I like Doughboy.  He is so cute and vicious and mercenary! 

That was informative.  Sounds like they are starting to get the picture and I glad we are saying Set now, no more of the Red Lord baloney.

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