Let’s Read – The Red Pyramid – Chapter 5

Tally: Me – $5, Book -$0

Oh hey!  Look at that! I just realized there’s a little clue about who is narrating the chapter on the first page of each chapter.  Every chapter that is told by Carter has the Wedjad, the Eye of Horus, in the top corner and every chapter that is told be Sadie has the Tyet, the Knot of Isis, in the top corner.  Neato! And hey yes more Carter please…So they boat on over to New York in seconds flat!  It strangely reminds me of the boat ride from Willy Wonka and that makes me chuckle a little to myself.  And what a fantastic bachelor pad!  The safe house/magical headquarters has all the modern amenities of a billionaire’s penthouse and the foreboding of an ancient temple.  And damn! Baboon butler – how could life get any better?  Lock me in this safe house anytime!  Oh yes, I can see myself there now… curled up on the big leather sofa next to the fire while watching the Saints on the huge plasma screen tv, tumbler of brandy and some popcorn all while surrounded by priceless antiques with a giant statue of Thoth looming over me.  So cozy! 


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