Let’s Read – The Red Pyramid – Chapter 3

-By H.

Tally: Me – $5, Book -$0

Didn’t I just say something about Sadie being too bossy to let Carter narrate? Wow, did I put money on that? Sigh, nope. Oh well…true to character in every way!  Good Gods, she is insufferable!  Moving on.

Each of the children received a special necklace with a symbol on it from their father. She cherishes it as a reminder of him and has had it for a very long time but has no idea what the symbol is.  I know what the symbol is, you know what it is, but if you didn’t, wouldn’t you at least ask or *gasp* look it up?  The only gift your father has ever given you (besides a kitty cat) is a necklace with a strange symbol and you are so anti-intellectual that you simple refuse to research it.  Or is it Daddy just being boring with all his stupid Egyptian stuff? That’s about the time the momma in me says, “It’s that stupid Egyptian stuff that pays the bills, smarty!…And go clean your room!”

It seems to me that the complexity of her emotional relationship with her father draws her to latch on to the physical object as she misses her father’s physical presence in her life.  However, she is repelled by it intellectually as it is emblazoned with a reminder that thing that her father loves more than her (in her assessment): Egyptology. But no, that’s too much and it feels an apology via psychology.  She is a horrible child and I dislike her. 

The two children are shuffled away by the police and kept separate from each other.  They are brought to the grandparents’ house, their only kin, for the continuation of the investigation. Everything she tells the inspector is true but he’s buying none of it because…of course not.  But here’s the rub – he implies that she and her brother are trying to protect their father.  Wouldn’t he only come to that conclusion because they are telling outlandish tales or is that just boilerplate cop speak?  Then if their outlandish tales are the same, how could they collaborate if separated immediately after the incident? It takes a hot minute to cook up a whooper like that.  What is Carter saying? Carter, being a good son and decent person, could indeed to trying to protect him so wouldn’t he try to sell a very mundane version of events, without the glowy circle, apparition, and all around occulty fun parts. Hmm… I guess we will see.

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