Let’s Read – The Lightening Thief – Chapter 2 pt 2

Sorry about the delay everyone.  Had tummy bug and slept for three days.  We are back to tackle the rest of this chapter after my rage quit.  I keep telling myself that It has to get better.  It can’t just be I am the wrong age for this. Unless it is…. I reserve judgement.  

(Girds Loins)

Okay, Let’s do this!

First comment is that Percy needs to mature more.  I vote yes on that.   And we find out there is a time limit of Solstice of the summer Variety (which is a nice touch of Paganism even if it is a gimme) also that Grover has messed up at some point in the past and Percy is gonna die. Well, this is looking up.

Mr. Brunner approves the continuing gas lighting of Percy while Grover in the first indication that he might actually be Percy’s friend thinks that they should try a different approach other than messing with the psyche of an already trauma kid.  Over hearing this Percy just lost what little trace/faith in humanity he had. Dude, Mr. Brunner. You had ONE job.

Grover is worried about losing his job/ward as it is pretty obvious that his job is to keep Percy alive to unknown ends and Mr. Brunner gives him a you haven’t screwed up too bad! Pep talk and Percy drops the book he was holding and sneaks away.

When he drops the book we get some hints on who Mr. Brunner is. A tall Shadow and an Archer’s Bow. Hey, Is there supposed to be a Centaur in this series? Is it Chiron pretending to be Mr. Brunner? Grover isn’t assertive enough to be Chiron and if he IS Chiron we are gonna have words about Chirons given personality. Anyway Percy starts sweating and Mr. Brunner and Grover call it quits on their gossip session and Percy runs back to his room, without the help he went to ask for.

Grover makes it back to the room like he has been there all night which makes me wonder if this is part of the general gas lighting that has been happening at Percy the whole time. Is that part of his instability? Huh.

Percy takes a moment to doubt reality as makes sense for someone actively being mind fucked.

3 hr exam, which is about right for a college course but seems excessive for 6th grade.  I mean it has been a long time since I was in 6th grade but man that seems excessive. Then in a scene that is the height of stupidity Mr. Brunner calls him back. Percy worries he has been caught ease dropping but Mr. Brunner but it is a bad attempt at a you’ll be alright speech. Which is given in front of the class still taking the test, who of course start tittering. Mr. Brunner tries again and biffs again. So I am retracting my guess on Chiron as I firmly believe Chiron was better than this. And also who does this!?! A “Mr. Jackson, please meet me after class in my office” is perfectly acceptable and other than giving Percy Fits, which he OBVIOUSLY has no problem doing, solves all of this quite nicely.  All of the attempts on Mr. Brunner’s part to “help” if you can call it that, leads to Percy to a cycle of self loathing and he takes off.

Alas while Percy is getting ready to head home at the end of the semester we end up having to spend more time in his head.  The good news is that Grover is headed back to the city with him…. Oh how convenient, I wonder if anything will happen?

They Greyhound it which kinda brings me back to what in the world is Percy’s financial situation and Grover is being all paranoid and twitchy and then Percy does the stupid.

 DO NOT MOCK THE KINDLY ONES! Seriously dude. You deserve to get eaten on that comment alone. The whole reason they are called the Kindly Ones is because you don’t want to piss them off by indicating they are in anyway shape or form malevolent cause they hold a grudge like no one else.  The only real equivalency to this I have found is The Elves in Gaelic culture where they get all sorts of nice sounding titles because they are so very dangerous and ready to eat your face rather than acknowledge your existence.  

Percy, astoundingly still alive, confesses to overhearing the gossip and then we get to watch Grover really suck at his job and being a very bad liar. Which at least Percy calls him out on. Then Grover gives him a card to contact him if he needs him.  Which Grover Biffs.  Because no one we have met yet is competent at ALL.

Grover Admits to having to protect Percy but refuses to elaborate and Percy gets intensive about it,as I admit I would as well.

Heh, bus just exploded. Told ya not to mock the Kindly Ones. Your gonna get eaten. Or Grover is gonna get eaten and I am gonna enjoy it far more than I should admit. Ha Ha!  Everyone gets shooed of the bus for no good reason and I intellectually know our protagonist isn’t gonna get eaten, but man I am loving the idea of it. And across the street is a fruit stand.

A fruit stand?  First I was wracking my brain for fruit related stuff, mostly just coming up with Persephone as Demeter is associated with Grain,  then three women knitting… oh just the fates putting in an appearance. Like they do in this type of writing.

Rant time, I mean we have gotten a solid ½ to 2/3rd of the way thru Greek Myth and they have yet to be even mentioned other than genology, Why does everyone one think they show up for any reason? When did this become a go-to must have scene in anything in vaguely related to Greek Myth?  Does it not count if they don’t come and give the hero the stink eye before his quest?  And it is the old variation of them to boot which is tetchy but passable.

Percy says some more inappropriate things that don’t get him smote. Then the middle fate menacingly cuts some yarn and the bus is good to go again, like magic!  We end the chapter with Grover losing his shit in his best I am not going to tell you anything way.

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