Let’s Read – The Red Pyramid – Intro

When I decided to tackle Percy Jackson, I asked my best friend and my go to expert on Egyptian Mythology, H., to try tackling the Kane Series by Rick Riordan, under the concept that Misery Loves Company. To my delight she agreed with the crazy idea and has had a lovely time ranting and raving, occasionally Hate Smoking on her own, and developing a true deep and abiding hatred for several of the characters involved as is right and proper. She has never written anything like this before, though also under her belt is a truly stunning amount of Philosophical arguments and debates, which she loves. Other than Egyptology, it’s Philosophy, specifically Symbolic Logic that is her academic love. She keeps trying to explain it to me but my brain goes crosswise when she do. 

Professionally she is an Embalmer/Funeral Director at one of the older funeral homes in the area and with a specialization in reconstruction.  Interestingly enough it was her focus on Egyptology that got her into the funeral industry, though if you want that story you’ll have to ask her yourself.

The Red Pyramid Let’s Read is all her and I will post one every week as it comes in.  Also, expect to “meet” H in Podcast when we get to Egypt, if not before.

So Enjoy H’s rantings!

Til Next Time

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