Let’s Read – The Red Pyramid – Chapter 2

-By H.

and that’s 5 dollars for me! Boom! Oh well, it was a bittersweet victory.  You just couldn’t do what you were told, could you little missy? Instructions were so simple: lock an unsuspecting innocent museum curator in his office and do not come back to his room. Seriously, what was the point of bringing the children along for this rodeo? Could he not have done that himself and spared the kids the emotional stress of seeing all of that, not to mention becoming accomplishes to the crime? If I had all manner of magic at my disposal, I would not be relying on my two children who are practically scared to death to lock a man in his office.  Poor parental decision making.  The whole endeavor was poorly time, poorly executed, poorly planned…I give it a 2.5 and that’s just for destructive carnage and pretty fireworks! 

Speaking of destruction, what the hell the Rosetta Stone had to do with the ritual or how exploding it could possibly helped anything? Pop goes the ancient and priceless artifact!  My little history loving heart skipped a beat at that.  What’s worse that that they took the time to explain the non-importance of the stone yet it the “key to it ALL” with a capital A according to Mr. Kane. That’s right: glowy circle, a couple of hieroglyphs, a little chanting in front of the Rosetta Stone and you can release the Great Ennead on to the mortal plain (or something like it)!  Why didn’t I think of that? Because it’s a simply public notice, that’s why! This would be the equivalent of me saying the magic words to summon the CEO for the company over a memo that was crafted by my secretary who printed it on copy paper with a lazer jet. (Yes, I just nominated the Great God Osiris, Lord of Duat for CEO of Egypt – just role with me) And how is it he was calling forth Osiris and then gets called Osiris by Man-I-Really-Need-Brush-Up-On-My-Summoning-Cause-I-Really-Wanted-The-Other-Guy apparent villain of the book? They were just on a first name basis, like old friends. Will the real Osiris please stand up? This is additionally confusion because here is the tradition in sacred works when speaking about someone who has died as Osiris So-and-so as a title.  Is Dr. Kane dead? Well no probably not.  I imagine even a dead Egyptian walking around would have done better at summoning the Lord of the Dead than whatever that was.

Oh gambling time? 5 dollars says Carter is the Son of Osiris or the last Zion or the missing link to Duat on Earth or whatever.  Well no, that not really fair is it? That’s kind of how is book is suppose to work. The kids have to be mystically special in some way right? 5 dollar that both the children are equally important and balanced in their powers and ability – sort of a wonder twin thing. 5 dollars says that Muffin in Bastet herself!

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