Let’s Read – The Red Pyramid – Chapter 1

-by H.


A transcribed audio recording? clever…ok I’ll bite.

Chapter 1

Wow! Sadie is quite the little cunt! Sweet Mercy!  (and I have to just say – I HATE that word and I’m not one to use such blatant uncreative profanity!)   I’m wondering how Carter got to be the narrator with such a bossy little bitch in this adventure. I’m putting five dollars down right now that even though Mr. Kane has found himself in some hot magical shit with a moralistic mission it all would have gone according to plan except for some interference from that super entitled little snot.  Charter seems well rounded enough and at least more respectful of adults.

As Carter and Mr. Kane are picking up Sadie from the grandparents for their bi-annual visit, there is an interesting bit of dialogue between the mysterious man named Amos and Mr. Kane that I think needs a little exploring.  It’s super ominous but what do you really expect at this point in the game.

Let put it down now so we can examine it:

  • Kane believes whatever he is going to do is the right thing to do.
  • Amos disagrees and informs him he is being watched.
  • Kane believes he one step ahead of said watchful organization.
  • He also says if he doesn’t do the thing “we’re all in danger”.

I know that it’s super early to ask how and why, but doesn’t the last statement sort of a contradiction.  If shadowy man Amos doesn’t want Mr. Kane to do the thing and watchful organization doesn’t want him to do the thing, how much danger can we all really be in if he doesn’t do it?  Is anyone on Team Kane?  If he’s going to go do the right thing that will keep everyone out of danger, shouldn’t someone be backing his play. If all the adults in your magical world say, “Whoa! Hey, bad idea!”, perhaps it’s worth a second thought. Either his meaning of everyone is extremely limited to well himself and his family or he is maybe overexaggerating.  Is it possible that he is that bad of a pariah? That seems like the time Amos should shoot back with something like, “The only person in danger is you, self-righteous fool!” or something like that. But alas, cue interruption of 12-year-old brat!  So on to an exciting family fun time at the British Museum with a memento mori pitstop at the Cleopatra’s Needle, the place of the children’s mother’s death. Let’s take a moment to talk about that – only everything the two children have ever wanted – and cue interruption from watchful organization. Mr. Kane, get your head in the game! Hot magical shit is about to go down! Stop all the hand wringing, slap the piss out of Sadie and kick down the door guns blazing!

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