Let’s Read – The Lightning Thief – Intro

This is the one book/series everyone is super surprised to find out I haven’t read which I always found kinda odd as I was entirely the wrong age for it when it came out. But since I am into Mythology I obviously have read it and loved it.  Which massively put me off of reading it because I am occasionally contrary like that and I have had pretty bad experiences with such gushing, Oh but you’ll LOVE IT! From random people.

 I managed to avoid the books thru effort and hard work on the basis that I tend to go frothingly ballistic at most modern attempts at retelling myth.  Which is sad as Fairy Tale Rewrites are a favorite genre of mine in general and if everyone would just LEAVE OFF THE HADES AS A SATAN ALLEGORY I would probably enjoy the attempts at retelling Myth more.

I had been contemplating doing a Let’s Read as I particularly enjoy them but the problem was finding something I hadn’t read yet that I kinda wanted too. I tend to go OHHH and read something before I even remember that I wanted to save it. Plus I rather decidedly have an Online persona now to think about which is one of the things that makes this perfect as it does link up to the point of the podcast. If this goes well, even though I have already read it, I might try one for The Mortal Coil Series. Though not sure how Let’s Reads are supposed to go if you have already read the silly book. 

Before I dive in to the Let’s Read, here the scant traces of knowledge that have managed to invade my brain about the series; Percy is dyslexic, Chronos is the big bad, there is a place call Camp Half-Blood (which makes me raise an eyebrow and REALLY want to add Prince to the end of it) and the second book has something to do with sea monsters (which sounds promising). That is the sum total of my knowledge of this series. (as I said I worked on it) 

I will be posting these every Wednesday here, and the website is about 6 chapters behind the Patreon if you find you NEED to know more about my very opinionated stances.

Bonus, I have talk someone into covering the Egyptian mythology series by the same author so Her Let’s Read will be posted at the same time as mine or when I get it. She is my Egyptian Mythology Expert So I expect as much frothing and No, No, NO as I am going to get from the Greek Myth series.  I like to share the pain. 😊 

Her series on the Red Pyramid will be posting every Monday. 

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