Let’s Read – The Lightning Thief – Chapter 2 Part 1

We pick up with Percy inconceivable not dead from a harpy attack. He complains about being Gas Lighted, even if he doesn’t have the words for it.  He almost gives in except Grover sucks at this masquerade thing in a hard way. Which brings up the question to me, How old is Grover really anyway? And why isn’t he better at lying? Or is it a very bad attempt to make Percy super good at something?

Percy has PTSD from the experience and it shows. Again where the fuck are the adults at!?! Just 1! If Grover was really his friend he would duck tape Percy to a wheeled chair and get his ass to a good therapist and stop trying to gas light him.

AND Percy is kicked out. Not just for being a trouble maker, but as he explains it being so disruptive that he can’t get through a single class.  Something is seriously wrong with that kid and it seems like NO one is helping him. Where the hell is Mr. Brunner?  

But seriously for a moment, this kid is SO bad he can’t get thru a single 45 minute period without a fight. That is so off the charts as to be ridiculous. Once a week? That is time for extreme concern and intervention, every 45 minutes!?! That is time someone should sedate him for his and everyone else protection. It is either very bad writing or Percy is so bad he doesn’t belong in school but possibly an institution.  He mentioned in the last chapter being a juvenile delinquent. Which means he has been thrown in the system at some point. You know the system sucks but SOMEONE WOULD HAVE NOTICED THIS and been keeping tabs on him! Gah! Just….

I know abuse and it’s effect on the psyche. I think that is why I am focusing on this so very much as I KNOW from the inside and watching others how this works, what the stages are and how intervention can and does help. There are really really well written books that deal with this idea. Ender’s Game was one of the ones that got me thru, Harry Potter for all of it’s faults does a phenomenal job thru the character of Harry of laying out the progression of starting to deal with such abuse as it is a life long process. This is over the top nonsense that in the real world gets you a straight jacket and charges of Criminal Neglect on everyone involved in your life. It’s not just ruining my ability to immerse myself in the book, I think it is actually harmful in a way. This is a Caricature of a trouble child and when we introduce these caricatures into our popular culture those who NEED help and don’t conform are hurt.

Deep Breath.

Okay, sorry, will try to keep going. But I don’t promise it won’t come up again.

 And Grover sucks if he is in anyway shape or form over 14.

Oh hey, he has his mom! And an evil step father…. Damn it, book.  This is where I run thru what makes people become as unhinged as Percy seems to be and I am deeply upset to have to run thru that list knowing that in anything resembling a kids book there is NO WAY anything on that list is ever going to be brought up.

Okay, phew something else to rant about just came up! Latin as life or death…


Not even a little.

Did ya’ll know that there is only 1 major myth that is only found in Latin? Cupid and Pysche in The Golden Ass and it is presented as more of a proto-fairy tale and a great read. All the rest are in Greek.  If he was studying Greek then Hells Yeah Life or Death And some other options as well. They are Greek Gods after all. But Latin!?!  Nope.  

I did really like this line:

“ I got so frustrated I threw the Cambridge guide to Greek Mythology across my dorm room.”

You and me both.

Also… what in the world does that have to do with a Latin class? Conjugating a Latin verb isn’t that hard. Really. It is a straight rote memorization that is already written out in a table for you. Mental Copy and Paste. But back to the weird Mythology thing there. Latin is usually taught in tandem with you know Latin History or Roman Culture. It is such a weird combo that I am curious as to why the author didn’t just make it a Greek Class then all will be well!

While I am at it… That is a pretty weird Mythography to be using in 6th grade. There are far more age appropriate Greek myth handbooks out there…. And who learns Myth from a Handbook!?! That is the reference for people who need a reminder, not to LEARN from.  Edith Hamilton’s Mythology I would have bought but that one? Na man.  I am quickly losing faith in Rick Riordan.

Percy FINALLY possibly for the first time in his life goes to ask for help, from an ADULT no less. This is huge, even if he doesn’t realize it a first step towards getting whatever it is he needs. And this is tanked by him finding his best friend and the one adult he might possibly be persuaded into trusting some day gossiping about him!

This is where Percy sets the school on Fire and machine guns anyone coming out of the school.

So since we over heard the conversation, what did we learn?

A Fury.  A fury? Hold Up, I need to go do a quick bit a research. I apparently missed the weeping venomous serpents that are key the Erinyes iconography. Or that fact that this makes Percy surviving DOUBLE bullshit as no half-assed, half-grown demi-god is gonna take down those born from the blood of Ouranos.  The worst harm ever done to them in ALL OF MYTH was MAKING THEM CRY!!!! Death is SO not an option! Plus the Erinyes are the SERVANTS of Hades! Like all the way… so of course….




*Hate smokes a cigarette*

I object. Strenuously.

And I am calling it here for this review as I have happy fantasies about kicking every person who ever told me “You would LOVE this book!”

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