Plans and Progress (Not Podcast Related)

As I mentioned I went ahead and downloaded a shameful amount of Personal organizer types apps in the vain hope I will find one to use.  I figured since I did just download them I would go ahead and do some reviews as to why some didn't work and hopefully find one that works like a charm!

I will admit my big problem with most of these type of software is that I get fuzzy on what it is I want it to do other than straight fix my time management problem which really isn't a problem just more of a complete inability on my end to accept sometimes I can't move and my struggle with being nocturnal which makes me happy and being able to see anyone I know.

I figured I would name this series something clever as soon as I figure out what that clever name is.  Then go thru and give small reviews on each app.  I will probably come back and link stuff here.  I still want to get my photo album on this site up and running but that seems a bit beyond me.  The moving the members stuff over to Patreon actually helped allot. though I can't quite put my finger on how or why.  I did get an Instagram account that I am hoping I can link to here and the twitter account. Maybe I will get all shades of excitable and link all that to the Patreon as well.

In fact I think I am going to go do that then come back over here and start of the seires as to why Evernote didn't work for me at all and what I replaced it with and why.

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