Evernote: So Very Close!

I used Evernote for a while and on the whole it was kind to me.  The main problem was with me rather than the program.  I never got using it beyond a simple multi-platform way of hanging on to notes or clippings from the web.  I keep hearing it is the awesome of awesome but I never managed to get it set up that way and that is the downfall of allot of my attempts at organization.  By the end of it I was just using it as a way to double check if i had a certain set of knitting needles when I was in the craft store.  Which seemed silly as it was crammed with random information that I just couldn't figure out how to organize or even worse I would get half organized then wander off on a tangent.  I still have the htmls of my old Evernote files and there is a bit of project I was working on in there, including the start of the notes that lead to this podcast.

I gave up on Evernote because I was using it as an electronic notepad and I really didn't need one of those. Luckily I did find something much more awesome and inline with the way I store and more importantly look for data, but it wasn't free. Then again I needed its companion program anyway. Thus OneNote. which I fell madly in love with the very first time I used it and realised how far i could go.  I am using it in several projects at the moment, the Podcast not being the least of them and I truly don't think I would have been able to get the feel of the thing on Evernote.

Then again, give it a try! It might be just what you want.  I think it is the idea of HOW you personally look for what your looking for that makes a difference. and if you can get that in mind, then maybe you can find a notebook/cliping type program that works for you.

Now I would like to note that while Onenote is amazing at projects I can not for the life of me use it as a personal organizer or as journal. No idea why but that is REALLY not happening. So with my work secure and together I set off to find the program of my dreams.

Til Latter

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